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Human Resources Management System (HRMS)


Sweeping global changes are reshaping the workplace and workforce – and work itself. Emphasis is shifting towards smarter decisions and employee engagement. As a result, it has become more important than ever to streamline processes, empower employees, and collaborate across County departments.

Departments should be able to rely on their systems to guide them through these changes, but legacy on premise systems are inflexible.

HRMS brings to the County a software solution incorporating Workday, a cloud-based system that evolves to meet changing departmental needs today and into the future.

Workday for every employee

Workday is intuitive and easy to use. Processes flow throughout your department so each person involved has access to just the right information and actions. Machine learning capabilities provide a personalized experience for all workers by providing recommendations, surfacing the most relevant search results.

Elevate human resources

Too often, HR get bogged down in administration and transactions. With Workday, the focus can be on the things that matter – talent strategy, employee experience, and long-term growth. Workday delivers information and transaction flexibility to employees, managers, and executives and provides the infrastructure to make the County HR more effective and efficient.

  • Configurable business processes enable the HR team to maintain County wide consistency.
  • Rich analytics provide comprehensive talent insights to drive coaching and decision-making.
  • A single application for administration, talent, learning, recruiting, payroll, and more delivers unprecedented visibility, transactional simplicity, and the ability to connect data across functions.
  • Embedded analytics incorporate relevant information directly into the transaction process, enabling fact-based decisions across the organization.
  • Complete visibility into the skills and capabilities of your current workforce makes it easy to source internal talent.
  • Planning for talent is easy when all employee information is in a single system, making it easy to build talent pools, calibrate talent, and monitor succession.

Engage Employees

For employees, managing HR transactions such as benefits enrollment, expense reports, holiday and payroll is just the beginning. Workday empowers employees to tap into opportunities to grow and thrive within their department, which drives employee satisfaction and retention. Personal and professional growth comes through an employees’ ability to get feedback at any time, understand opportunities, seek mentors and guidance, learn freely, and further develop their skill set.

  • An intuitive mobile app enables employees to access learning resources and conduct HR transactions anytime, anywhere.

Empower Managers

Workday provides the visibility, control, and collaboration managers need to effectively manage teams. Notifications and alerts eliminate delays and keep the organization moving forward. Managers on the move can access information, make decisions, and transact directly from their mobile device.

  • Dashboards and reports provide instant insights into key measures and metrics. With day-one reporting, Workday delivers key manager reports at deployment so managers start gaining value immediately.
  • Notifications and alerts enable managers to track any metric and either receive updates on a regular basis or alerts when the metric reaches a defined threshold. Managers are better able to monitor their departments but focus their time on the most critical issues.
  • The mobile app is governed by the same access and security settings as the browser version, giving managers everything they need to keep moving faster than the speed of government.

Enlighten Executives

Executives set the course for the organization; Workday provides the navigation. Cascading goals align teams around common objectives, while configurable dashboards guide the way and scorecards illustrate progress towards the plan.

  • Scorecards show how your department is doing on goals based on the metrics that matter most to your organization. Teams can provide context around performance by adding commentary.
  • Performance and goals can be aligned to key milestones and deliverables.
  • Succession plans and talent pools reveal where your department is strong and where you need to fill skill gaps or talent shortages before they impact the organization.
  • Dynamic reports enable executives to see the big picture and then drill down into the details to take action.
  • External data can be incorporated into Workday to provide comprehensive insights.

Manager Self Service

Workday is designed to enable Managers to address their supervisory needs in an efficient, time saving manner with all available data at their fingertips. Workday provides the ability to approve timesheets with the assurance that what is submitted is complete and accurate. At the same time it enables you to spend less time signing off on submissions while providing a clear picture of an employee’s history and productivity.


Dashboards are an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of your department. They provide a graphic, real time report on events and trends. At a glance you can see if there is an area where resources should be deployed to address a need or if resources could be utilized in other areas. It is an easily configured view of what you want to see whenever you sign on.